What Podiatrists Can Do For You

Our feet are among the most useful parts of our body as they take us anywhere we want to go. These are our primary tools for manual travel thanks to their versatility over any terrain and simplicity of usage. We use them to engage in activities like sports, dance, and other physically challenging pursuits. Any discomfort around the area can prevent us from participating in these activities so we must fix things right away with the help of an expert. Podiatrists are medical doctors specializing in the treatment of lower extremity disorders including those of the feet and ankles. Manhasset podiatrists can do the following:

Treat Sports Injuries So That You Can Continue Training and Playing

Most sports require some running. Accidents can happen that induce ankle sprains forcing athletes to the sidelines. This occurs very often with cases ranging from minor strains to major twisting that requires prolonged treatments. Foot problems are also common such as plantar fasciitis in runners. Anatomical issues may cause issues as well. Podiatrists can help individuals to recover quickly from such conditions so that they don’t waste too much time being idle. Sports enthusiasts are known to get antsy when they can’t train or join the events they signed up for so fast and effective resolutions are crucial.

Help Increase Mobility to Counter Advancing Age

People in general are known to have diminished mobility with advancing age. We lose our sense of balance and our bone density naturally decreases. These leave us vulnerable to tripping, broken bones, and similar consequences. Podiatrists can be relied upon to minimize the damage and get people to heal faster so that they can go back to their regular routines. The elderly are not the only ones that can benefit from this kind of help, of course. Any issues with the feet, ankles, and lower leg may be brought to the attention of a competent professional for resolution.

Perform Surgeries to Correct Anatomical Issues

As highly trained doctors, podiatrists are capable of performing surgeries. Sometimes this is required to correct anatomical issues that are hindering performance or causing injuries due to over-compensation. Ankle and Achilles tendon injuries may need surgery for permanent resolution as well. This is usually the last resort after all other modes of treatment have been exhausted. Doctors will be very careful when recommending this option as the healing process tends to take many months with patients having to endure inactivity in the meantime. Be sure to find a skilled and respected surgeon to minimize the risks if you do choose to go under the knife.

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