Using Alex Pirouz’s Methodology To Leverage LinkedIn To Build Influence

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms that every business can use to build sales and online presence. Unlike in the past when consumers needed to trust a business before purchasing its product, nowadays, consumers need to like and trust the salesperson before buying a company’s product or doing any business with the company. LinkedIn has greatly enhanced the process of connecting with the decision makers. The biggest issue with the platform, however, is the fact that it has not fully leveraged its potential.

Alex Pirouz, a Sydney based entrepreneur, realized this gap and came up with an online community platform for LinkedIn training—Linkfluencer. The social media platform capitalizes on the challenges that exist in LinkedIn by challenging to navigate, promote, and launch a system that shows people how to maximize and optimize their LinkedIn networks. Linkfluencer offers a one and a half hour online “business booster” program for which he charges $697.

What Pirouz’s Program Entails

The program walks the users through the various functionalities of the system and explains to them how they can take advantage of the platform to grow sales, build their influence, secure partnerships, generate leads, and to connect with the media.

In particular, the users learn:

• How to develop a working LinkedIn marketing plan and why this is the most crucial step in leveraging LinkedIn

• The top mistakes that people make when using LinkedIn and how to avoid them

• How to capitalize on the advanced search feature of the LinkedIn platform top grow their networks of targeted contacts

• How to create professional and compelling profiles that not only resonate with their target contacts but also converts into more business opportunities

• The top metrics to use when searching for the right target market or contact in LinkedIn

• 4 parts content marketing strategy to convert your LinkedIn connections into partnerships, leads, and media opportunities

• The significance of segmenting your LinkedIn contacts and ways of setting up a working CRM system.

Bottom Line

By and large, Alex Pirouz’s program is a great way or methodology that organizations and professionals can leverage LinkedIn to grow their influence. While there are many LinkedIn courses that already exist, most only focus on the benefits and features of the platform, and seldom provide users with tips and strategies to use the site to build and grow their business. With Pirouz’s program, you get the opportunity to learn how to create working joint venture partnership and how to grow your business or career by generating more leads and acquiring new clients.

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