The Benefits When You Plant Trees Online

Environmental consciousness is at an all-time high. As it should be since we are in a precarious situation due to global warming. Time is running out so everyone needs to do their part to reduce carbon emissions and slow down the damage. Things like avoiding air travel and switching to green appliances can go a long way. It is also possible to offset carbon emissions by planting trees. Companies are already doing this as part of their corporate social responsibility programs. Individuals can also take part in similar endeavors through websites and mobile apps that enable them to plant trees online.

Be Part of a Global Movement

Several organizations have been formed to tackle the pressing need for reforestation. Trees are able to process carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and turn it into oxygen. They not only help in lowering greenhouse gases, they also provide us with fresh air. The large size of trees mean that they absorb more CO2 compared to other plant matter. Old forests have been decreasing in size due to illegal logging across the globe. Planting trees as part of reforestation aims to bring back their former glory so that they can once again function to protect living creatures. Online donations to these orgs translate to actual trees planted on the ground.

Assist at Your Own Convenience

With these mobile apps, you are able to provide the assistance that these organizations sorely need whenever you can. You may donate at any time and at any place. If you have just received your salary, then you might want to share a small portion of it to this type of charity before spending the rest on personal needs. You can also set up in-app reminders so that you will never forget to send help. Of course, you can also skip if you experience a lean month and get back into it when things get better. There is no need to personally go to forests and plant trees which is especially difficult if you live in an urban area.

Convert Rewards Into Trees

There are even apps that give you reward points for shopping. You are given the option to convert these points into trees so you don’t even have to spend extra for donations. Just buy the things that you want using their shop or payment system to collect as many points as possible. After that, you can plant trees online at your leisure.

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