GreenGro Unleashes A New All-Season Fertilizer, Nature’s Pride Bloom

GreenGro, a leading organic fertilizer manufacturer, has combined past knowledge on growth culture and the current advanced technology to come up with an unparallel fertilizer, Nature’s Pride Bloom. This fertilizer is a unique blend of high quality rare organic ingredients such as Mycorrhizae and Biochar. The organisms combine in relative proportions to produce a highly effective soil fertilizer.

The Fertilizer Specifications

A bag of the Bloom fertilizer comes with an NPK specification of 2:5.5:5.5 in reference to the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ratios. Other ingredients found in the organic fertilizer includes rock dust, rock phosphate, alfalfa meal, fish bone, oyster shell, humic acid, calcium, and magnesium. All these organic ingredients are combined to ensure that your plants get all the nutrition they need to grow healthy and productive. The GreenGro fertilizer enjoys superior growth qualities than the standard NPK fertilizer. The active Mycorrhizae and Biochar sets the fertilizer apart from the competition.

In addition to the properties of the two, the levels of magnesium and calcium are higher. The two elements are known to strengthen your plants by influencing turgidity. Moreover, Mycorrhizae is known to promote a synergy relation between it and the roots of your plant. The organisms are unseen heroes which are instrumental in the process of breaking down the organic matter in the soil into absorbable forms (humus). In the end, the fertility of the soil is immensely boosted by the organic fertilizer.

Applications of the Fertilizer

The formulation of the fertilizer provides the plants with rich nutrition to produce bounty bloom. The fertilizer breathes life into your crops for adequate blossoming. Overall, you can use the Bloom Fertilizer from GreenGro in the following scenarios:

• Before planting crops in the field as a season starter.

• For top dressing, if you want a bounty harvest at the end of the growing season.

• Frequently on your indoor or outdoor potted plants to boost their nutrition.

One of the fundamental things that you need to know when you choosing any type of fertilizer is the ability of the fertilizer to provide the elements that your plant needs—elements that are not available in the soil you plan to farm. As highlighted above, when it comes to fertilizers that are worth your money and time, you should consider Nature’s Pride Bloom. The constitution of the fertilizer is characterized by active and potent organic nutrients that your plants need to blossom. Since you can use the blend prior to planting and continuously as a top dresser, you have the solution against stunted growth in plants.

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