Sales Prospecting: Using LinkedIn To Increase Sales

In order to become a successful business person in the modern highly competitive business environment, your main goal should always be to increase sales. Luckily, in the modern social world where everyone is socially connected, it is not very difficult to build your brand and increase sales as long as you know where and how to do it. Social media platforms are the gold mine when it comes to increasing sales as almost all people have at least two social platforms that they regularly visit to learn and have fun. While most businesses already use Facebook and Twitter, some businesses do not know that they can increase sales through LinkedIn.

If you are still not using LinkedIn to reach new prospects, you should know that studies have shown that 50-percent of B2B buyers use LinkedIn to make purchase decisions while 76-percent of B2B buyers make their purchase decision based on recommendations from their professional network. With over 450M verified professional members, LinkedIn has helped shape the business world by being at the forefront of connecting sellers and buyers. In fact, LinkedIn has helped buyers to make decisions on their own without any input from a salesperson, which means that every business must incorporate LinkedIn sales prospecting as part of their sales strategy or risk being left behind with out of date selling techniques.

In order to increase sales through LinkedIn, you must first create a strong professional brand and be an active participant in your industry. Being active in various groups and discussions will help you reach new members and thus, reach new customers. Once you add prospective customers, you should share their content with your network. Accessing and sharing content that they like is essential in starting a conversation with them. Sharing your prospective customers’ content among your network is especially important if the lead is publishing original content as it shows your support.

It is also important to remember that whenever you invite your prospect, you should always send them a tailored message. In sales prospecting, you should never send a blanket message to all people but instead, you should try to create a 1-to-1 relationship. In the message, the leads should be able to tell who sent the invite and why they should connect. Once you have created a 1-to-1 relationship with your lead, you will be able to access people who you and your lead have in common. To reach the new people, you can ask your lead to give you a warm introduction to help you easily connect with his or her network.


To get the best from your LinkedIn profile, you should avoid making hasty decisions. If you are new to the LinkedIn, you should first learn how you should properly use LinkedIn to increase sales or seek the assistance of a LinkedIn expert.

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