What You Need To Become A Commercial Model

When it comes to commercial models, most brands are looking for candidates who can appeal to a wider audience. Typically, for females, this is a model that has even, natural features with a luscious look. For men, this ought to be a handsome and charming man with chiseled jaw line. Although natural and desirable looks are highly sought-after, there are some general characteristics that commercial models are expected to posses:

1. Height: Because there is less pressure to attain the heights that top fashion modeling agencies demand, commercial models tend to be slightly shorter. Female models are required to measure about 5’6″ and their male counterparts are expected to stand at 5’11” tall. However, it is important to note that petite clothing brands will have some exceptions, and are highly likely to go for models that reflect their ethos.

2. Gender: Both male and female models are required by commercial brands to promote their products and services. Although gender fluidity is now recognized in many industries, very few brands have began to feature transgender models in their campaigns.

3. Physique: slender and more toned body shape is highly sought-after in both male and female commercial models. Accordingly, to stand a better chance of being hired as a commercial model, you need to maintain a healthy physique through a sensible exercise regime and diet plan. Although Plus size modeling is also gaining inroads in the commercial modeling arena, you still need to put some work as they are looking for curvier models.

4. Age: There is little age-based discrimination in the commercial modeling industry as children and teenage models are winning gigs in every sector. A lot of brands are looking for kids to promote their products and model their designs. Nonetheless, most male and female models are typically in the age bracket of 18-35. Although more mature models also have a part to play, they tend to be hired less when compared to the younger generation.

Final Thoughts

So, if you have been wondering whether you can make it in the commercial modeling industry, the above highlighted are some of factors or characteristics that you should keep in mind. Nonetheless, if you don’t qualify, you should remember that there are many types of modeling niches out there other than commercial modeling. But, irrespective of the modeling niche that you finally decide to pursue, the key to a successful modeling career is finding great modelling agencies, and the easiest way to do that is to do due diligence on any agency that you choose to work with.

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