Punk Shoes Online: Channeling Your Inner Goth

Lenny Kravitz, Axl Rose, Marilyn Manson, and Lou Reed all have two things in common. They wear punk and they are ranked as the best-dressed celebrities in rock n roll. If their fashion sense is anything to go by, it should inspire you on buying your next punk shoes online.

Buying punk shoes online does not limit you to boots alone. In fact, boots are a bit cliché and need to be replaced by something trendy. How about some classy canvas sneakers, loafers, and flats to bring out your dark metallic side?

Canvas Shoes

Think of a normal sneaker then add some hardcore punk metal fittings to it or just some dark graphics that conjure the same effect. One option is a high top sneaker with dark colors, like grey and black, and an occult pentagram painted on the side. Alternatively, the graphics could be that of an animal like a cute black kitten with deceiving eyes. It could also be a mean looking wolf with the Ying and Yang painted on the faces complementing the yellow eyes.

Let’s talk about the sneaker with metal fittings as well. They are completely unique with their leather laces and silver studs embossed on the shoe. The front of the sneaker could have metallic hooks jutting out of it. You could still have the front metallic hooks on your wedge sneaker complemented with black leather straps held together with matte buckles.


Who would have thought loafer shoes would be popular in the metal world. They definitely are and can be accessorized to look like punk shoes online as well. For that Marilyn Manson look, consider dark retro loafers with silver on the side to contrast and complement the overall look. You may also wish to go all black or all silver on your retro loafers, or even add metal studs to them. Pair this with some prim pants and you are ready to grace the red carpet.

However, it doesn’t always have to be that gloomy with the colors. For a fresh look, consider pink on your slip-on loafers with something Goth like the Baphomet head at the front. It still looks chic, brings out your girlie personality, and passes as a perfect punk shoe.


Do you want to feel your sexiest in a pair of gothic or punk rock boots? Well, the options are endless when it comes to buying punk shoes online. Let your favorite Gothrock star inspire you as you update your wardrobe. Don’t forget to shop around for cheaper deals on punk shoes while at it.

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