What To Do After You Buy Gold Paydirt

If you like going out in the mountains, then you can try exploring areas that are known for nearby gold mines. You can do prospecting on your own by filling buckets with paydirt and panning on site. You could also go the easy route and simply buy gold paydirt online and pan this at home to recover bits of gold. The latter should be more accessible to regular people, especially those in the cities who can’t really go out much right now. Prospecting for gold can be a fun activity as long as you set reasonable expectations and include your loved ones. Here’s what to do after getting the paydirt:

Get the Right Equipment

It would be incredibly difficult to pick out the specks of gold manually. It would be time-consuming and really not worth the effort. You should get the right equipment to make this go faster while allowing you to enjoy the experience. A gold pan is a must. There are different designs but anything you get should work fine. Just order online if you don’t know any local store that has these. You will also need a strainer to remove the big bits like stones and debris. A sniffer bottle is useful in getting the tiny bits of gold from the pan. You need a small shovel to transfer dirt from the buy gold paydirt bucket to the pan.

Pan the Gold

Paydirt suppliers will not inspect every bag or bucket that they sell. They simply pack these up and ship them out for higher efficiency and productivity on their part. They don’t usually process the contents. As such, you might find small bits of rock and debris included in the dirt. You need to remove these easy targets so that you will be left with actual dirt mixed with gold. Scoop out a reasonable amount of dirt from the bucket into the strainer and put this on top of the pan. Shake vigorously so that the finer particles drop down while leaving the rocks on the sieve. You can use water to make the dirt that clung onto the rocks fall to the pan.

Now you can concentrate on the gold pan itself. Again, you should add water to the contents to help dense gold drop to the bottom while the rest floats on top. Remove the dirt and water on the surface. Keep moving this around then allow them to settle. After a few cycles, you should be left with a more concentrated batch of gold and dirt. Use the sniffer bottle to get the gold bits.

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