What You Can Do With Reclaimed Shelving

Homes can never have too much storage. People will keep acquiring more items throughout the course of their lives and these will need to find their place inside the house. Otherwise, everything will simply pile up in the corner lost for all eternity. Vertical spaces offer enormous possibilities for storage. Floor space may be extremely limited but you can probably find bare areas around the walls that you can turn into shelves with the right materials. Consider using reclaimed shelving to help the environment, add character to the walls, and ensure good quality. You can use this for the following purposes:

Keep Spices Accessible

If you love to cook, then your kitchen is probably overflowing with ingredients. Some of these can be stored in the refrigerator while others can stay inside the pantry. However, a few will need to be highly accessible while you are preparing food. Use reclaimed shelving to create a home for your spices, condiments, and other items that you would like to be within arm’s length. This will save you time looking for the things you need because they are always right there. You can also see if they require refill right away.

Organize Your Books

Students, academics, and lovers of literature will want to line their walls with shelves in order to keep their books organized. This is one of the best ways to make sure you see every title that you have so you won’t have trouble finding what you need in an instant. This will also prevent you from buying something twice. Perhaps you can arrange them in alphabetical order. Maybe you can keep one section for your immediate reading list for the month. Others organize by color.

Show Off Your Souvenirs

If you are fond of traveling the world, then you have probably amassed a good amount of souvenirs from all of the places you have been to. Use the shelves to display these fun, quirky, beautiful, and exotic items from your trips. Each of them is a portal to fond memories. They are awesome conversation starters when you welcome guests. Having them in the open on shelves is something you should explore.

Display Your Collections

Others may want new reclaimed shelving for the display of their personal collections. Every person has a different passion so this could be anything from action figures to 3D puzzles to model airplanes to designer shoes. It really depends on the personality of the collector. Displaying them allows a person to add character to the room.

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