Top Honeymoon Destinations In India

A honeymoon is a good time to begin enjoying marital bliss after a wedding. That’s why you should consider traveling to India to create new memories with your partner. From romantic scenery, breathtaking sea shores, and beautiful hill stations, it is really the best destination. Here are top destinations that you should consider visit during your next honeymoon in India.


Goa is a good honeymoon location as it has very beautiful scenery. The coastal retreat has great Portuguese architecture, balmy shores, and an active night life. You can take long slow walks in the sand beaches, and dance away in different clubs. There are mouthwatering sea foods to sample and culture to discover. Alternatively, you could get massages and enjoy soulful conversations while lazing in a shack. After a day full of activity, you can kick back and enjoy the romantic sunset everyday of the week. You are guaranteed to enjoy any time spent in Goa.


If you love the great outdoors, Rishikesh is a perfect locale for you. You’ll enjoy the scenery, and take gruesome rapids, strenuous treks, and many other activities that will make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience. You can take great photos set in the enchanting surroundings of the charming city, and interact with hospitable locals.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

These Islands bring new meaning to romance and adventure. You can snorkel or scuba dive to enjoy the mesmerizing world under the seas. You can enjoy in land too by trekking to Mt. Harriet to admire different flora and fauna species. It is the best place to honeymoon while enjoying all that nature has to offer. When time runs out, you won’t want to leave.


There are so many beautiful sites in Kerala. You can walk with your love by green tea plantation, enjoy mountain and lake views, or simply visit a spa for pampering. If you love water activities, you could take a houseboat ride or drive up the beautiful mountains. When you see the pier beside the Chinese catamarans, you will be glad that you visited.

Bottom Line

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event that should be unique, restful, spectacular, and romantic. That is why you should look for the perfect destination that will allow you to relax after strenuous wedding planning activities—India is the perfect place for that. Whether you enjoy being active, or relaxing, India has places that you could do that. It’s also quite affordable to visit. You’ll also get great and amazing packages without having to break the bank.

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