What To Look For In A Document Translation Company

The government may sometimes require foreign documentation from those who used to live abroad. A good example would be birth certificates and similar papers. If these are written in a language other than English, then it would be difficult for their offices to process them. The solution would be to hire a document translation company. They can provide reliable English translations right away to hasten processing. The same is true for business contracts that have been written in a foreign tongue. Before lawyers can scrutinize them, they have to be translated into a usable form. Keep the following in mind when choosing a service provider:


Note that the government will not accept just any translation. You cannot do it yourself. It will have to come from an accredited service provider in order to make sure that the quality is of a high standard. The list of approved translators can be found on the NAATI website. Assistance can also be extended by the government office that you are dealing with when looking for accredited translators. Use the same list for business and even personal documents to ensure good results. The companies that have the seal of approval have all undergone a series of tests to measure their competence and reliability. Don’t settle for anything less.


Since this is a professional service, you will have to prepare payment for the skills and time spent on the documents. The rate will differ from one firm to another. Some of them will charge higher and other will charge lower. The fee structure might also be different such that one job might be more suitable to this or that company. Most will provide a standard quote of a certain number of cents per word. However, there are more complex tasks wherein this will not be appropriate. Other schemes will have to apply. Go ahead and get quotes from your candidates to compare their rates.


The service should be fast and efficient. Most of the documents sent for translation are requirements for passports and other important items. Any delay will affect everything else like a row of dominos. The company should also be easy to talk to. This is particularly important if you plan on using their services repeatedly. For instance, businesses that need to have certain papers translated on a regular basis will have to establish a good working relationship with their partners. There needs to be a strong bond of trust and confidence in each other. Schedules should be followed. Repeated failure to do so may signal the need to transfer.

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