Things To Look For Before Hiring A Cloud Hosting North Carolina Company

More and more businesses are switching over their hosting plans from static servers to cloud hosting. This provides them with an assurance that their website will never be down. Unlike static servers, cloud based servers consists of servers located in different parts of the world, each connected to each other. If one server goes down, another one takes its place. Apart from this, there is hardly any latency factor involved since each server is connected to the other via cloud technology. Generally, if a client from Asia tries to access a website hosted on an American server, the request from his browser has to travel through several other servers before reaching the destination point. The technical name for this is hops. The greater the number of hops, the longer is the time required for the browser to connect to the server. Can you imagine the scenario if a prospective client has to wait for several minutes to access your website, just because it is hosted on a static server? He will give up and try to visit another online shop offering the same products and services.

Selecting a reliable cloud host

If you reside in North Carolina, your best option is to host your website through a company that offers cloud hosting North Carolina. You need to be extremely selective while choosing a host, especially if you are running a global business. Make sure that the company has servers in various geographical locations. This ensures that clients from all over the world can access your website in a flash. The moment the client’s browser sends a request, the request is directed to a regional server. If that server is down, the request gets passed to the next nearest server. In a typical scenario, it should not take more than two seconds for establishing the connection. Therefore, check the number of servers the hosting company has and their locations. If you plan to target clients from Asia and Europe, make sure that the hosting agency has an adequate number of servers located in those areas. You might not believe it, but on certain occasions a server based in Hong Kong processes your query faster than one located in your city… thanks to cloud computing.

Other points to check

You should also check the uptime of the server. Do not settle for anything less that 99.99%. The biggest advantage of cloud based servers is that they allow you to upgrade the storage space and memory of your server in a few seconds. This technology also allows you to choose multiple servers as required. This means that you can increase the number of servers during the weekend and reduce them after the peak traffic period. Can you imagine the costs you can save through this option? Boost the speed of your online shop, and ensure that you retain your clients by opting for a web host that offers cloud hosting North Carolina.

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