Pre Packaged Shots Last A Long Time!

Sometimes buying huge bottles of liquor that might not be used, spilled, or may even be dropped on broken can be a big mistake if you are hosting an event. Especially now with Covid-19 on the rise, having bottles that everybody can share from, regardless of it they are pouring or drinking straight from them, is a risk that is both unnecessary and quite unhygienic. When people were forced to share bottles or touch jello shots, other people may have touched over with the new and very easy to use pre packaged shots available in many places.

Why choose pre packaged shots over anything else? Well, first of all, you reduce waste by nearly 100%! No alcohol will be leftover in a single shot because the person should drink all of it. Furthermore, nobody will be knocking shot like this over because generally they cannot be consumed until they are opened, and nobody will try to drink something that has been opened and emptied a bit, especially when they are this small. It also makes cleaning up a breeze as many shots are in soft packaging that is easy to dispose of and won’t take up much room.

The price for this is also fantastic! Why spend 80 dollars on a bottle of name-brand alcohol when you get easily get 30 or 40 small pre made shots for half the price? You can save them if nobody drinks them, but these are usually high-value items in drinking, so don’t expect there too many leftovers. If you can spend half the price because you’re not buying a fancy bottle that a million other people have and make people feel special at your event with their own special shots, why would you ever go back to bulky bottles cans?

A final thing that is wonderful about these shots is the sheer fact that they are easy to carry, hand out, and even include in gift bags. If you are hosting a drinking game and people have to drink each time, you’ll ensure each person has their pre-set amount of shots, therefore alleviating wasting alcohol. Furthermore, what could be better than receiving your favorite alcohol in the form of a bunch of shots you can do at any time? They are literally the best choice for any occasion.

So, let’s leave the bottles and cans at bars and clubs where they belong. Shots that are pre made are the way to go!

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