Police Dog Bites Training And Precautions

Police dog bites can be lethal. The police dogs are mostly used for checking purpose and during investigations. These dogs go through extensive training, and the dog handler is mostly with these dogs at the time of practice or when the dogs are on the field with the police force. By nature, the dogs are not aggressive and will not bite other animals or humans in regular interaction. However, these dogs are also able to bite anyone and there bite hold a lot of power. Police force while chasing a criminal or during a violent encounter with robbers may use police dogs as a force to tackle the aggressors. During such clashes, it is possible for the dog to attack and bite the aggressor.

The general public must show caution if they come across an aggressive dog during an investigation or while the animal is chasing a culprit. In all scenarios, a dog will never be alone, and the police handler will be with the animal. But under the rare circumstances, if anyone comes across a police dog during a chase, it is best to stay calm and not try to tackle the animal if it appears intimidating. While you can defend yourself, it is always a bad idea to throw something at the police dog or try to stop the dog. The animal will not attack unless the person overreacts or do something to come in between the animal and the criminal. The best thing to do is to look for a way out, and the dog will not bite.

By law, it is the responsibility of the police force to keep the dog in supervision and to make sure the dog works as per the training and under no circumstances attack or intimidate the general public. It is the legal right of any individual to sue the police department if he gets injured by a police dog bite. If the trainer handle the dog poorly and due to negligence a police dog attacks an innocent bystander, the police department will be held liable to pay any damages the person claims in the court. However, if it is the person who provoked or tease the animal or try to interfere during a police investigation the court may make the ruling in favor of the police department. Most police dogs are in the collar, and the handler will let go of the leash in case of severe need and if there is an emergency and the only way to tackle the situation is to use the force of police dogs.

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