Places To Visit When On A New Zealand Honeymoon

Stunning natural scenery and a diverse landscape make New Zealand one of the favorite honeymoon destinations for many people. The small island country offers you the length and breadth of everything visually splendid. New Zealand honeymoon ideas include natural beauty to behold, thrilling adventure experiences to dive in, and spend a relaxing holiday. If you’re planning to head to this beautiful country for your honeymoon, consider visiting the following destinations/regions.

Coromandel Peninsula

Pristine beaches, native forests, relaxed vibes, and warm hospitality constitute the Coromandel Peninsula. Hiking, kayaking, spa, romantic walks, etc. are some of the activities you can indulge in here. The best time to visit the place is between March and August.


Auckland is a shopper’s paradise. It is home to different types of shopping experiences – from open-air street markets to top-end designer wears. An array of exotic restaurants, diverse cafes, happening night clubs, etc. add to the city’s experience. October-March is the ideal visiting period.

Waiheke Island

If you want your honeymoon to be set in a beautiful island, Waiheke Island is the place. This couple’s retreat is just 50 minutes away from Auckland if you take the ferry. The island is known for its virgin and remote beaches and gorgeous vineyards. Visit the place between October and April.


Queenstown is for couples seeking some adventure during their visit to New Zealand. Referred to as the adventure capital of the country, Queenstown is one of the more renowned New Zealand honeymoon destinations. The geography is replete with different adventure activities for couples, such as snowboarding and skiing. The ideal period to visit is between December and February.


If you are heading to Rotorua, expect a relaxing and calm holiday. The sumptuous resorts and geothermal hot springs make the town a solid honeymoon location. The Polynesian Spa’s mineral pools, mud baths at the hot springs of Hell’s Gate, private massage and spa for couples, etc. are things not to be missed. Visit this beautiful town any time between November and May.

Fox Glacier

Fox Galcier is the de facto New Zealand winter honeymoon destination. Compared to glaciers from across the globe, the glaciers here and other parts of New Zealand have a faster flow to them. Visit the place between May and September for lagoon walks, heli-hiking, sky-diving, and stunning strolls via the lush rainforest.


Dunedin is known for its natural settings that are home to penguins, albatross, sea elephants, seals, sea-lions, and other exotic animals. The nature tours would help rekindle your honeymoon romance when you visit the place between December and July.

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