Guide To The California Tank Top

Opt for pants that shape your hips. The adherent, straight or close-fitting models are not to be discarded from the knee down, but that does not fascinate too much ankle and ankle. Prefer them however in resistant fabric that models the figure and in dark colors. Avoid capri pants unless you are very tall and with relatively thin ankles.

No long-sleeved sweaters unless they are cut and very flared at the bottom. All screwed sweaters, California Tank Top, buttoned cardigans at the waist and shorts are fine. Perfect V-neck, ring or madonna, to avoid the boat that further widens the shoulders. To avoid all the sweaters that hide the waist, especially those long over the hips.

Shoes: the legs are particularly sturdy, then folded on a cone heel or even more often to avoid creating too much detachment with the figure. Your body will become more slender and sinuous even with a little heel, but avoid the thin ankle straps.

The inverted triangle woman is busty, a small pelvis and thin legs. It must try not to bundle up to hide the breasts otherwise it risks to look fat when it is not.

Overcoats: opt for coats, trench coats or California Tank Tops. Short jackets to show that you have beautiful thin legs, good both the straight model and the one with the elastic waistband. The capes are indicated only if they do not exceed life.

Clothes: perfect clothes with a high waistline, almost under the breast. The upper part should be soft and not overly snug to avoid over-emphasizing the breasts, make sure the fabric is heavy enough to go straight so you do not look pregnant. Absolutely forbidden the tunic clothes that would make you look like a barrel.

The only skirt that is not particularly suitable is the high-waisted wheel skirt, is likely to shorten the torso too, so choose it only if it is short or if it is not very high waist. Trousers: practically all trousers are granted, straight or masculine. Better than light colors, bright. To avoid the tight-fitting black pants that would make the legs thinner, and the very wide palazzo pants.

No to oversized, formless t-shirts and to those that end with a rubber band. No to the horizontal lines and flakes or frills above the breast. Avoid oversized sweaters and the thick-stitched texture that further infects, better a shaven and thin shirt. Yes to the ring neckline. The turtleneck sweaters are not to be discarded but they will make your breasts look even more prosperous, it’s up to you if it embarrasses you.

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