Matte Press On Nails With A Feminine Touch

When you hear the word matte, immediately you think of a surreal black hue. However, matte could be any color that comes in different styles like polka dot and mosaic. The options are endless, especially with regards to how you wear your matte press on nails.

There are also many styles to rock matte press on nails. Whether you choose one uni-color or play around with patterns, you will definitely achieve that unique look you have always wanted. Without much ado, here is a little inspiration to guide you next time you opt to shop matte press on nails:

1. Matte White

Matte white nails have become popular in the fashion world. White provides a perfect base to play around with different designs. You can paint mosaic patterns in colors like blue, black, red, or orange. The matte white background helps to amplify the exquisite mosaic patterns you just made.

2. Ruby Red

Ever thought of going full matte in ruby? Just like the boldness in red lipstick, ruby red matte nails have a classy and powerful feminine flair to them. They are perfect for the office and the cocktail meet up with your friends after.

3. Dotted mosaic

For a minimalist look, dotted nail art is always a great choice. The matte gives your nails an edge while the minimal dots add that feminine flair. It could be a rich matte black base toned down and complimented with a playful pink or seductive red. For a more girlie look, you could switch things up to a millennial pink base then have dotted matte highlights.

4. Three tier matte

So far you have experimented with only two colors. This time you get to be more creative with a three tier classy nail art. The options are endless in how many colors you can use. A good place to start would be playing with whites and blacks then adding a third color like gold. Three tier matte nails suit every skin tone or personality and matches any outfit you put on.

5. Black matte

Yes, you still have to rock the black matte look but this time we add a twist. Once the matte black dries out, add a diagonal or vertical lacquer line as a highlight. It gives your full matte black look an interesting shine that will make you stand out.


Matte press on nails are fashionable and stylish to any woman that wears them. Besides the usual black, you can spot matte nails in a wide range of colors and styles to fully bring out your personality.

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