Food Grade Warehousing & Storage

When you need a warehouse to store food-grade items, you have to take your time to find a facility that can accommodate your needs. This is because there are strict legal guidelines for storing food-grade items. Furthermore, you will need air conditioning and refrigeration services to keep the items fresh. After all, some of the items may be perishable. To find the best food grade warehousing & storage services, you have to start with a shortlist of the available facilities in the state of Texas. Depending on where the items will be used or shipped to, you have to take your time to identify the most suitable facility. Below are the key factors of consideration:

i) Location

As mentioned above, the location of the facility matters a great deal. Texas is a huge state, and you want the food grade goods to be delivered in a timely manner. Depending on where the goods will be going, be sure to choose a warehouse that is in close proximity of that city. However, you might also want to choose a facility that is located out of the city to reduce the leasing cost. After all, space comes at a premium in the city, so you need to choose the right facility for your storage and budgetary needs.

ii) Cost

Different firms will charge different rates for warehousing services and storage space for food grade items. Obviously, it costs more to store perishable and food grade items than it costs to store furniture, electronics and other non-perishable items. However, you have to spend some time comparing the rates quoted by different firms to identify the most affordable one.

iii) Licensing

Warehouses that handle food grade items must be inspected and approved before goods can be stored there. When comparing warehouses, therefore, you need to check whether or not they have a valid license to offer food-grade storage and warehousing services. This is important because you want to operate on the right side of the law.

iv) Features

The ideal facility should have forklifts on-site, sufficient parking and loading zones, an efficient storage system, security features and a back up generator to ensure that refrigerators and air conditioners continue running even when there is a power outage. The good news is that there are many facilities that fit the bill, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the right one.

v) Insurance

You do not want to lose your goods in a fire, natural disaster or burglary. Therefore, the ideal facility should be properly insured against all possible risks.

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