Make Your Engagement Special With The Best Moissanite

Proposing to your better half can be a test of the nerves for many. There are so many variables one must think of, such as where to take her, what to say, and even how those special words should be said. And, of course, you need to find the perfect ring.

While most people will think of a diamond ring as the obvious choice, there are plenty of other options available. One viable option is a moissanite engagement ring. Various diamond alternatives have been tried but none has quite met the mark. But when it comes to the best moissanite, you’ll be surprised to find that it offers several advantages over diamonds.

It Saves Your Dollar

The average engagement ring can cost upwards of $6,000. The standard ring is usually made of diamonds, but of course we all know how extremely costly that can be. If you want to find a more budget-friendly option that does not compromise on look or quality, you can consider a moissanite ring. For comparison’s sake, if you buy a 1-carat diamond you can expect to fork over approximately $5,000. However, you can get a same size moissanite ring for $1,000. Not only would you save hard earned money, but you could also use the extra cash towards a new house, car, or your honeymoon.

It Outshines Diamonds

If you are able to find the best moissanite, you will notice that this stone actually shines and sparkles much more than diamond. This is because moissanites sit right at approximately 2.65, compared to only 2.42 for diamonds. Although this does not sound like a significant difference, you will definitely be able to see how a moissanite ring will sparkle even in very dim lighting.

It Lasts Forever

If your better half is going to wear her engagement ring all the time, then you can be sure that it will see a lot of wear and tear. There’s a reason people say diamonds are forever: diamonds are able to withstand regular use without scratching or chipping. The same holds true for the best moissanite even though it is not as hard as diamond. You can rest assured though that the stone will look as clear and sparkly as ever years down the road.

Huge Variety of Designs

Moissanite rings are available in the same cuts as diamonds such as cushion, round, and princess. And, of course, you are free to choose the setting and metal used for the band to make sure that it suits your requirements.

Same Looks as Diamond

You will find the odd person who chooses a colored gem, but most brides-to-be actually prefer a classic white diamond. While there are other alternatives, such as cubic zirconia, their quality is usually not as good and they may chip or become cloudy over time. Moissanite rings, on the other hand, are durable and retain their brilliance for life. Again, just like diamonds.

Moissanite is an affordable alternative to diamonds. It also offers more sparkle and durability, and you get to have the same options for the cut, setting, and metal used for the ring.

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