What You Need To Know About Firefighter Recruitment In Perth

Do you dream about having a career where you can help people and really make a difference in the world? If so, firefighting may be the perfect role for you. In Perth there are a number of steps you must take before you can firefighter recruitment Perth. Some are quite challenging, but the end result is an incredibly rewarding job where you can help save lives. If you’re considering becoming a firefighter, this is what you need to know about firefighter recruitment Perth.

Prerequisites to Becoming a Firefighter

Before you can even consider applying for a firefighter position with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services in Western Australia, you must have three prerequisites. First, you must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident with the right to work in Australia. Secondly, you must have a current first aid certificate. Finally, you must have a Class C driver’s license with no restrictions. Provided you have these three things, you have a good chance at being considered as an applicant.

How to Apply for a Firefighting Position in Perth

When applications are open for firefighting positions, you can apply online at the Department of Fire and Emergency Services’ website or the Western Australia Government Jobs Board. You will need to attach documents of the prerequisites listed above. If you do not do this, you will immediately be removed from the pool of applicants. If your application is approved, you can move on to the assessment stage. You will be notified of the dates, times, and locations for the various assessments.

Firefighting Assessments

Before you can be considered for a firefighting position in Perth, you must pass a variety of assessments that determine whether you would be a suitable fit for the role. These include behavioural tests like interviews and team challenges. You will also be tested on your cognitive abilities like literacy and spatial awareness. In addition, you will be assessed on your medical condition and your physical ability to carry out tasks like climbing ladders and carrying bodies.

Trainee Firefighting School

If your application is successful, you may be offered a spot in the Trainee Firefighting School at the WA Fire and Emergency Services Academy in Forrestfield. This 20-week course offers intensive training in a variety of skills including fire prevention, specialist equipment, radio signals and procedures, and rescue awareness. Upon graduation, you may be offered an official firefighting position.

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