Hyperdome Shopping Centre Map

A digital signage solution allows you to manage your content and your broadcasts in real time and independently from a dedicated platform. Thus, you adapt your content according to your sales of the day to boost this or that product. In addition, each screen is independent. Your communication is attractive, captures the attention and is adapted to each customer segment.

In addition, digital signage gives your brand a modern image. This dynamic new image uses the latest technologies to provide an emotional and seamless experience. In other words, it corresponds to the new expectations of consumers and will therefore strengthen their sense of belonging.

Which products to highlight? Which are the ones who like the most? No need to make a choice. Thanks to the screens, the dynamic display allows you to highlight all the products of your last collection for example or several products particularly popular. You can boost sales of your products, according to your needs and your sales objectives.

Having screens on the shelves makes it possible to highlight the products in order to trigger the act of purchase and develop the sales volumes. On the shelves, you can also choose to animate your sales thanks to tablets. These digital tools interact with your customers by offering them to scan the barcode or to pass a product equipped with an RFID chip.

Thanks to the latter, they can access a video, a detailed product sheet or a user advice. These tablets, equipped with barcode or RFID technologies, have a dual purpose. On the one hand, they provide additional information about a product and without interaction. On the other hand, they can be used as a dynamic display medium in the same way as screens.

Thus, you have a real tool for sales assistance but also the support of communication of proximity, integrating perfectly with your linear.

In-store promotions

Promotions are increasingly common. It is now possible to buy in reduction all the year, without that it constitutes a privilege (phenomenon reinforced with the e-commerce). So doing promotions is not enough anymore. But how can the digital signage change that?

The screens make promotions attractive and visible. Indeed, in a shopping street, it is the windows that must make the difference to encourage entry. A screen in the window will animate and clarify your promotions with dynamic content, attracting the eyes of Hyperdome Shopping Centre Map passersby. The screens allow a quick and effective reading of the promotion.

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