Why Use Box Frames?

Box frames are suitable for displaying oversized, odd shaped, thick and deep items. Such frames are used for framing photographs, images, artworks, mementos, crafts and small collectibles. Frames in various sizes, colors, styles, designs and materials are available in this category. Use these frames to display your treasured memories, documents and memorabilia. This type of display enhances the visual appeal of photographs, keepsakes and paper crafts. Give your wedding photos a unique look on the wall. You can cross stitch images to create a theme or short story. Keep your scrapbook pages and collages inside a shadow box frame.

Give your home a touch of modern style with the help of deep box frames. It is an old style frame but remains popular because of its timeless functional and aesthetic benefits. It adds volume to the photos and makes them stand out. This lovely addition is a great way to display the photos of loved ones, family reunion, achievements, natural scenery and pets. The surrounding deep groove structure directs the viewer’s attention to the main item inside the frame.

Other types of frames can be used only for the photos. If you have a small artwork, it can be better displayed in a box frame. Display your photos, artworks and crafts inside a secure and beautiful frame. Your precious small item remains visible at all times while being protected inside the frame from dust and debris. Use the classic wood frame or go with another material like acrylic, aluminum or plastic. Take a look at various frame options available online. You can order a box frame from an online frame store. Standard sizes of frames are easily available. Some offline frame workshops have online stores and take orders for custom size box frames.

The extra depth in this type of frames lets you showcase items that are thicker than the photo papers. You can use this framing option even for the photos and images printed on the papers. Use this type of frame when you want to create a deep and focused effect with your photographs and other images. It has sturdy and reliable structure, making it suitable even for heavier crafts and artworks. The depth specification of box frames starts at 25mm and can go as deep as 80mm. You will find these frames in the colors like red, blue, brown, black, white and many others. Wood frames can be ordered without any color in their natural grain and finish. Frames made from a variety of wood species are available. Any type of artwork or craft that needs a little bit more space inside the frame fits well inside the box frame. Provide the depth that an art object requires. This framing option lets you display even thicker and heavier items on the wall.

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