Guide To Domestic Violence Jewelry

Domestic Violence Jewelry conveys a special message and creates awareness. It allows wearers to look glamorous with a cause. Although in recent years many people prefer affordable costume jewelry others go for high-end pieces that stand out.

If not the most magnificent and majestic, gold remains one of the most expensive precious metals in the world. The fascination for gold lies above all in its great beauty as well as its alterity in the face of time and external aggression, not to mention its preciousness. It is therefore natural that many have a strong preference for gold jewelry. It is also synonymous with long-term investment if the gold is the purest.

Remember that there is no pure gold per se because in the jewelry sector it must be mixed with other materials. The purity of this precious metal is measured by the percentage of gold contained in each piece. Thus, one speaks about 24 carats gold when this one is entirely pure, you will never see any in a jeweler’s shop.

On the other hand, an 18k gold jewel consists of 75 percent gold, 14 carats 58.5 percent and 9 carats 37.5 percent. Otherwise, the presence of punches will also attest to the purity of a jewel in gold.

Any Domestic Violence Jewelry must satisfy your desires and affirm your style but it must also be adapted to your individual preference. Depending on your outfit, you have to adapt your jewelry. Discreet or extravagant, chic or casual, each piece will bring a decisive touch to your look. The ideal would be to build a collection of jewelry to match your outfits and desires and thus allow you to multiply the combinations.

Choosing from collections of fancy jewelry or small jewelry can facilitate the expansion of your collection at a reasonable budget. However, in the absence of a complete collection choose pieces that fit you perfectly.

Whatever the type of jewel, its purpose is to emphasize and highlight your silhouette as well as issues surrounding domestic violence. Aim to achieve a degree of harmony as regards proportion between the piece and your form. Big jewels will unbalance your silhouette.

You can use your jewelry to distract from imperfections or hide them. You can for example resort to the subterfuge of an imposing jewel or a piece adorned with bright colors. However, avoid overdoing it if you want to avoid the bling.

The full range of colors exists in natural or synthetic stones. You will easily find attractive bright colors to adorn your jewelry. For the choice of a color, put on gems that match your eyes. The choice of your earrings depends on the shape of your face.

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