2 Piece Kayak Paddle

The choice of a kayak paddle is based on three factors: the width of the boat, your size and type of navigation. The first thing to consider when choosing a kayak paddle is the type of boat and especially its width. The larger the kayak, the longer your paddle will be for an optimal water intake. There are usually two types of width: if your kayak is less than 60 centimeters wide choose a medium paddle. If it is more than 60 centimeters wide choose a larger paddle of about 5 centimeters.

The choice of your paddle will also depend on the type of kayak used. For an inflatable or rigid kayak, opt for a 2 Piece Kayak Paddle, which will ensure good rowing frequency. One of the most important elements in choosing your paddle is definitely your size. The bigger you are, the longer the paddle. You should also know that there are two types of paddles: fixed paddles, the length of which does not vary and adjustable paddles, the length of which can vary from ten centimeters thanks to a rotary locking system.

The last thing to consider when choosing your paddle is your navigation program. The most common type of navigation is hiking, which can be practiced at sea or in the river. For this type of program, choose a normal size paddle by referring to the size chart. For whitewater practice, you will need a shorter paddle for more power and control. Reduce the length of your paddle by about 20 centimeters.

In general, be aware that the larger the paddle, the more power you enjoy. In contrast, narrower blades will allow you to paddle easier and longer without straining. While most kayak paddles are aluminum, there are also carbon or fiberglass paddles. These variants are lighter and stronger than aluminum models. Most kayak units are also removable for easy storage and transportation. You will find paddles in 2, 3 or 4 parts.

Paddling in a set of rapids of Class III or higher with the minimum equipment can be more exciting than you expect. In the water, the paddle is the best friend of the kayaker. The choice of the most suitable for whitewater can make the difference between feeling the thrill of the ride and feeling like you are rushing without control through the rocks. A good paddle is a personal choice and depends on many factors as well as your personal style of paddling.

Measure the correct length. The taller you are, the more length you will need to be comfortable and perform powerful rows from the sitting position.

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