Give A Lasting Gift With A Perpetual Enrollment

When a friend, family member or special colleague passes, it can be difficult to know how to memorialize their life. Sending flowers, helping the family with meals and errands and offering love and support are all wonderful ways to show you care and can help in the immediacy of the loss. Once the loss is not as fresh, though, those left behind may start to feel as though they are forgotten or left behind. One way to make sure the living feel supported and that the memory of their loved one will live on is by offering a perpetual enrollment for the deceased.

Permanent Remembrance

By giving the gift of a perpetual enrollment, you harness the power and unparalleled support prayer offers. With the simple act of purchasing an enrollment, you guarantee that your friend or family member is uplifted by the power of prayer in perpetuity. Long after the funeral is over and daily life has returned to its normal paces, loved ones left behind will be comforted knowing the deceased is remembered in prayer by faithful followers of the gggorder that created your enrollment.

Knowing that believers who share the faith and beliefs of the loved one who passed on are guided by an order of sisters or brothers in Christ to pray for the departed’s soul offers a lasting comfort and succor in times of loneliness, distress, pain and confusion that other gifts simply cannot match. When loved ones left behind feel despair, knowing that faithful followers around the world are supporting them and their loved one and praying for their souls can help them feel less alone, less frightened and less uncertain of what the future holds. No other gift can offer the comfort, compassion and continued support of a prayer enrollment.

Made by hand and infused with care and intention, each perpetual enrollment is a one of a kind, visible, tangible reminder of the love and fellowship offered by faith. Each enrollment is a gift made specifically for the recipient and shows that you understand their loss and that they need the support only their family of faith can offer. Serving as a quiet but powerful reminder that they are not alone, the gift of an enrollment is one that will be treasured and valued for years to come.

Support Beyond The Survivors

Not only do enrollments offer a vast support system of prayer offerings to the deceased and the survivors, the gift of an enrollment also helps to support the organization that created it. When you buy an enrollment, your money goes to support the mission and work of the organization and helps spread the power of God’s love throughout a broader network. Serving as a remembrance while also helping insure the future work of the organization, perpetual enrollments are truly a gift that keeps on giving.images

Though death is inevitable for everyone, it remains one of the hardest things in life to deal with and knowing how to navigate life after loss can be extremely difficult. When the time comes for you to help a loved one or yourself through this difficult process, turn to your faith and the fellowship of your brethren to help you make your way through the sorrow and to a place where you can begin to experience the fullness and joy life offers. Purchasing a perpetual enrollment is a simple act, but the power behind it is anything but.

Lasting far beyond a beautiful flower arrangement or a homemade casserole, a prayer enrollment is a gift of remembrance that will serve as a reminder of your love, care and compassion for a lifetime. A prayer enrollment can help you say the things that are difficult to say in a way that is thoughtful, beautiful, respectful and permanent. When you or a friend are facing a loss, the act of purchasing a perpetual enrollment can go a long way in easing the pain and offering loving support.

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