DVR Spy Cams Buying Guide

DVR spy cams can be used in various applications including home security and business monitoring. These products come in a wide variety of designs and every year brings improved features. Most people prefer this type of camera over other devices that require an external recorder. Since there is a built-in DVR, they can capture the footage for later playback with ease. Below are some of the things to consider when buying such a camera:

Recording Duration

Check the specifications to learn how long the camera can record before the storage gets full. This time period will also be dependent on the capacity of the battery. It is important to know the duration that you can leave the unit to perform its duties. If you are aiming to have this guard your home while you’re at the office, then 8 hours is probably the minimum duration that you should go for. Some might be able to run for 20 hours or more without interruption.


You can purchase bare cameras that you can insert inside your preferred container to hide them. You could also purchase units that are already camouflaged in clever ways. Some might be embedded in air fresheners, clothes hooks, desk lamps, speakers, phone chargers, wall clocks, DVD players, Bluetooth speakers, computer speakers, smoke detectors, alarm clocks, desk fans, teddy bears, and many more. They are actually functional as their disguise so no one will suspect that there is a camera inside.

Web Streaming

DVR cams are mostly used for delayed playback. They record what they see throughout the day and then the owner reviews the footage later. Although this works well, some people would like the ability to see what the camera does live. This is possible with web streaming via Wi-Fi. Make sure that it is connected to the network and that you have a fast broadband subscription for stable uploads and smooth streams.

Night Vision

You might also be interested in cameras that have night vision to monitor the house when it gets dark. These have infrared LEDs that enable to them to capture different heat signatures. People are naturally warmer than inanimate objects so they are easy to spot using this method. The cameras may also have better than average clarity in low light conditions such that they can capture footage with decent quality.

DVR spy cams can be a big help for homeowners who want to keep an eye on their property while they are away.

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