Top Reasons To Buy A Swivel Towel Rail

It is the small details that affect your experience of any space. Whether it is your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, the area can be used aesthetically. To use the space in your bathroom in an efficient manner you need to look at products that are designed ergonomically. The swivel towel rail is ideal for all bathrooms and homes. Once it is attached to a wall the arms can be smoothly moved to place or remove towels.

Save Space

In most bathrooms, people find that they do not have enough rail space to place their towels. When you invest in a swivel towel rail you can place multiple towels on the same rail. While some towel rails may have a single arm, others may other three or four. You will need to choose a product that suits your requirements.

It is a good idea to measure the space where you intend to install the towel rail. Also, take into account the space the product would occupy when the arms are moved open. You do not want to install the rail and find that the arms hit a cabinet or counter.

Keep those Towels Dry

Research indicates that while we constantly worry about keeping our surroundings clean, it is our hands that spread as much as 80% of infectious diseases. It is important to wash your hands and keep them dry. Wet towels smell musty and feel uncomfortable against the skin. They are also vulnerable to microorganisms and can be unhygienic. By placing your towels on a swivel rack you can facilitate better aeration. This will ensure that your towels are dry before you fold them and place them on the towel rack.

It would be a good idea to consider buying swivel rails in different sizes. You can place a rail near the sink and another close to your shower and bathtub. This way, whenever you need a dry towel, it is readily available to you.

Installation of a Towel Rail

Before you buy a towel rail, do read the details offered by the manufacturer. You may need to drill holes in the wall to install the rail with the screws provided by the manufacturer. Some models of the product require the use of self adhesive tape to install them onto the wall. The wall should be wiped clean and dry before you place the tape. Do give the glue adequate time to set, and so, the rail should not be used for a day.

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