DIY Photography: Top 5 Tips For Capturing Incredible Beverage Photos

Photographing your favorite drinks is not as complex as it appears. Provided that you are ready to think about precision and experiment with a lot of photography ideas, you are good to go. Without much ado, here are a few tips that you can leverage on to craft perfect beverage images:

1. Add colorful accents

Very few beverages have striking color ranges. Adding a few bright color accents will, therefore, go a long way in helping you capture appetizing images. Remember that you can use colors to capture sensation and flavors. So, experiment with a wide range of color accents until you get the flavor or the sensation that you desire.

2. Include ingredients in your image compositions

Incorporating the ingredients of your drinks will help you convey flavors more vividly than you would have managed with color alone. It also gives you more room to play and experiment with your image composition.

3. Add some ice or condensation to your beverage glasses

Nothing is as charming as a cold drink on a hot day. And nothing brings out all the sensation of a cold drink like a perspiring glass. Before you shoot your drinks, therefore, strive to set your glasses in the freezer for about 5 minutes. When you pull it out, it will frost and start to drip with condensation. If you want to have a more appealing and dramatic effects, you can wet the glass before putting it into the freezer. Remember to shoot fast once you pull the glass out of the freezer because the condensation effect will not last for long.

4. Use multiple light sources

To get more exquisite images, you can add a second source of light to one side of the glass. Alternatively, stage the shoot in a corner that has windows on two sides. This will allow you to eliminate unwanted shadow effects and will go a long way in defining the edge of your beverage glass.

5. Add salt to carbonated beverages for extra bubbles

The reason why adding salt to carbonated drinks often produce extra bubbles should be a topic for a science class. For photography DIYers, it is only important to note that adding salt to your beer or other carbonated beverages with produce extra bubbles, which makes your work of capturing rich and natural images easier.


Whatever your goals and intentions of taking photos of your beverages, remember it is an accepted photography trend or practice nowadays—so use all the photography skills that you have amassed over the years to capture those natural images. If you want more professional photos for commercial purpose, you can always partner with some of the top commercial photographers Los Angeles has on offer to help you out.

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