Top 3 Reasons For INSET Training For Teachers

In service training is continuing education for practicing teachers that are designed to add skills and knowledge, update teaching methods and practices and help teachers adapt to the times. INSET courses are given to teachers as they practice their occupations and are often conducted on specific training days. In most countries, this training is mandatory for public school teachers to ensure the continuing education and professional advancement of educators.

Benefits of INSET Training for Teachers

Develop knowledge about the curriculum

INSET courses develop the teacher’s knowledge about the curriculum. A more in-depth understanding of the source material can only be done through refresher courses that promote learning. Changes in the curriculum also requires refreshers courses to keep teachers updated.

Keep up with new technology

Training is crucial for new and old teachers. Technology is changing the way students interact with information. Digital tools can provide students with personalized learning platforms that are also tools for instant feedback and assessment. Teachers must know what these tools are and how to use them.

Boost confidence

These courses are particularly useful for new teachers who lack confidence in their teaching skills. A confident teacher is a more effective one, and these courses can help a new teacher build that confidence to become a more effective educator.


These courses also offer ample opportunities for evaluation and for coming up with strategies for improvement. Teachers can come together, discuss weaknesses and changes that they want to see, and determine how they can work with the school to achieve these changes. Teachers are the frontliners who see what tools, strategies and methods are lacking in schools, so they can also serve as the best resource persons for curriculum development.

Develop New Skills

INSET courses do not only help teachers improve skills they already have. These courses can help them develop new ones, such as those needed to deal with kids that have special learning needs, have problems with learning or motivation and the like. These courses also offer great learning opportunities for dealing with other relevant issues like bullying and school violence.

Advanced Professional Development

INSET training is an essential tool for professional development which is crucial for career advancement. There are positions in the academe that require continuing education credits that can be attained by taking these courses and getting the proper certification.

INSET courses are essential for creating a teaching workforce that is properly equipped with the skills and tools required to teach a new generation of learners. However, it can only be useful if teachers also immerse themselves fully in the training and apply the skills learned in the classroom. With current, updated courses and teachers who are willing to learn, improvements in teaching quality and excellent quality of graduates can be easily achieved.

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