Commercial Electrician In Macleod

A commercial electrician in Macleod allows owners of residential and commercial properties to ensure safety through proper installation and maintenance of electrical fixtures. This makes it easier to enjoy peace of mind. Professional electricians understand various elements of electrical installations.

Power limiter or PCS serve to control the maximum power you consume in your home. The Power Control Switch is responsible for cutting off the power input supply if the limits with the electric company are exceeded. It is mandatory that in every installation there is an ICP and must be installed by an authorized installer based on the characteristics of the installation.

The company could penalize the consumption in the invoice. In addition, it serves to prevent damage to the electrical system itself by cutting the power in case of an overload or short circuit.

Switches protect the installations against short circuits and electrical overloads. There are 10 to 40 amps (A). They are also called PIAS (Small Automatic Switches) in addition to switches that govern the operation of each of the interior circuits of the house: the lighting, the plugs of common uses, the special plugs, the thermos, heating.

They protect by disconnecting the switch, short circuits or overloads that may exist in each of the circuits of the system or the devices that are dependent on them. New magnetotherms are bipolar and they protect the phase and the neutral. They have different amperage ranging from 10 A to 40 A, depending on what is necessary for each circuit. The PIAS number of an electrical panel is equal to the number of circuits that appear in the installation

Inside the magnetothermss you can differentiate between unipolar, which protects the phase and are forbidden in new installations. Its use is only allowed for the repair of old installations. Bipolar protects the phase and the neutral. It is the most recommended variant and the safest in case of overload.

The General Automatic Switch is a new mechanism for the control of electrical installations and serves to protect from short circuits and overloads. It does not have the same function as the ICP, which cuts the installation when it consumes more beyond the maximum threshold.

The PCS (Surge Protector Switch) is responsible for preventing the electrical appliances of the house from being damaged by surges, regardless of the cause. Differentials protect people against grounding (current leakage) in the installation. Differentials can cut the supply if the difference between the input and the return current exceeds a certain value established by the electric company according to the power contracted. To check the correct operation of the differential, press the control button with the letter T (test).

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