Candid Wedding Photography In Sydney

Long gone are the days of traditional, standard photography. In the past few years, weddings have changed drastically, and people want more from their wedding photographers. Candid wedding photography has become quite popular because it captures the raw emotions of the couple as well as the guests.

When it comes to candid wedding photography Sydney has plenty of service providers. Hiring the right person for the job will go a long way in ensuring you get the quality of photography you seek. It pays to understand a thing or two about candid wedding photography so you can come up with a thorough vetting criterion.


Candid wedding moments happen in a flash and rarely last long. So it’s crucial that your photographer is prepared for any moment. A candid wedding photographer should have everything in place as there are times when there will be no time to make adjustments.

Lock in

Focusing on the precise moment is a critical part of shooting candid moments. Adjusting camera settings may result in missing opportune shots that can’t be recreated. That’s why candid wedding photographers will lock in their color settings and exposure, and only make adjustments when necessary so as to focus on the moment when shooting.


Wedding days, like most important events in life, are full of anticipation. While a wedding day may have numerous photojournalistic emotions and moments, it’s rare that these things will happen in the most ideal of circumstances. A scene may not have the best background, have poor lighting, or people might be looking in the wrong direction. The best photojournalistic moments will rarely line up with the perfect background and lighting.

Candid wedding photography will often involve setting up scenes that are ideal for photography. The photographer will have to anticipate the perfect shots and emotional moments by placing subjects in the right area of the scene. The right wedding photographer will always have to be on their toes.

When vetting potential candidates, be sure to ask for portfolios. An evaluation of the photographer’s previous works will give you an idea of the quality of work to expect. Ask for references and talk to them about their experiences.

Wedding photography is not just about pictures. The wedding photographer is meant to have excellent people skills. Presentation, conversational skills, professionalism and gaining a little trust helps a photographer blend into the crowd and capture images quietly and confidently. Guests need to be comfortable in the surrounding and not feel intimidated by the camera. The right photographer has to be skilled, creative and intuitive.

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