8 Essential Stationery Supplies For The Modern Office

Following the evolution of technology and its incorporation into the offices, most bosses can’t help it but brag about the paperless possibilities at the workplaces. It’s true that you don’t need lots of paperwork in a modern office but it’s also true that you cannot do away with the office stationery completely.

If you ask anyone in Dubbo who spends most of their time in the office, they’ll tell you how important the stationery supplies are. Even if you are used to doing most office duties using the personal computer, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the writing materials. The following 8 stationery supplies in Dubbo are a necessity.

1. Notepad

In the office, you’ll need the notepad to take simple notes in meetings and pass down orders to subordinates. You may also use the notepad to write down your to-do list lest you forget.

2. Pen

This goes with the notepad. You use the pen to write everything and anything that you want on the notepad. From fountain pens to marker pens, they are all indispensable in the office.

3. Diary/Planner

Even though technology has offered us the software versions of the dairy, it still makes more sense to use the physical ones. An application can be corrupted but the physical planner gives you a reliable reminder of your to-do things.

4. Envelope

These are used to keep fragile items and special pieces of paper. The envelopes protect the kept items from damage.

5. Stapler

If you have bulky paperwork that you need to be fixed together, the stapler is important in doing so. You’ll need to insert staples to pin the papers together.

6. Shredder

In the office, confidentiality is important. If there are documents that need to be destroyed, the paper shredder will help you do the job. You can also use the shredder to destroy thicker items such as credit cards and CDs.

7. File/Folder

For all important documents and contracts, you’ll need to keep them in a safe place. This is the work of the folders and files. They provide you an efficient way to organize and protect your vital paperwork.

8. Adhesive

Although it is one of the less widely used item in the office, there are occasions when you need to stick papers, cardboards, or other office items together. For instance, they come in handy when putting posters around the office or papers on meeting room walls for brainstorming purposes.


With the above stationeries, you can run your office routines comfortably. There are reliable stationary supplies in Dubbo that you can call to deliver most of the items.

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