Top 4 Questions To Ask Before You Navigate The Quagmire Of Mental Health Apps

Today, when your search for mental health or anxiety apps, you’ll be confronted with a wide range of options, and some will even promise to “cure” your problem. So, how do you find the best mental health app? Well, before you try to navigate the quagmire of available mental health support apps, there are certain questions that you need to ask, including but not limited to:

1. Does it address multiple mental issues?

A lot of studies indicate that mental health issues tend to co-exist, and share a lot of issues that can be dealt with concurrently. For instance, the rate of overlap between depression and anxiety disorders are quite high. Accordingly, finding an app that caters for mental health broadly is a great way of ensuring that you are spending your money and time on something that will help you irrespective of what you are going through.

2. Can the app recommend for you activities that can help you cope with your condition?

A good mental health app should be capable of recommending for you activities or tips that can help you cope with the condition, especially if you enter certain parameters, such as your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. The app should also suggest for you how you can boost your mood and resilience.

3. Can the app help you in real-time—when you are experiencing distress?

One of the top benefits of Smartphone apps is that you can use them in any setting, including when you are faced with a distress situation. An app that can help you in a similar manner is the best app to go for as there are higher chances that it will provide effective coping strategies and will help you to deal with future situations better.

4. Is there any scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of the app?

Although this is might be quite daunting to assess when you are downloading the app, it is important to note that apps that have experimental evidence are often very proud to display such information. Apps that display such information are the best to opt for.

Finally: Do you like it?

This may appear as a weird recommendation, but it is important to note that any mental health support app that you download will only be effective if you use it, and there are high chances that you will only use what you like or enjoy using. So, if you don’t like the app’s interface, its language, or the things it asks or recommends for you, it is highly advisable to find an alternative.

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