4 Golf Putting Tips For Beginners

If you are like any novice golfer, you must have had a hard time shooting scores that you can be proud of. However, the key to shooting great scores as a beginning golfer is by practicing putting. Putting will undoubtedly make you an excellent golfer over time. Learn how to putt properly and you will surprisingly make even the toughest shot look quite easy while making long shots appear like tap-ins. But where do you start? What are some of the best secrets that you can leverage? Well, to keep you on the loop, below are top 4 golf putting tips for beginners to enable you to hone your putting skills.

Understand The Green

Golf putting tips will remind you that the glass has less friction and a lighter shade when it is cut. In this scenario, you can’t hit the golf ball too hard since the green will be inevitably faster. Speed and distance are equally crucial as the ball’s direction. Before putting, check the green to know the condition and the length of the course. Consider rain and other weather elements that can alter the current condition of the golf course.

Take control of your grip

The way you hold the golf club matters a lot when putting. While holding the club, ensure each hand is weighted equally. Again, make sure your grip feels natural but not tight. The problem with most golf novices is that they hold the club way too hard. Your swing should come naturally without struggling too hard. Therefore, take control of the grip to ensure you get the best swing ever.

Create a visual picture Before playing a shot, create visual images of your arms swinging the golf club. Ensure the movement begins from the shoulders down to your arms. Nevertheless, no movement should occur in the legs. The legs have to remain intact while playing the shot.

Keep your weight in check

Refrain from exerting excess weight on the heels lest you fail to gain control of the shot. Instead of placing weight on heels, direct the weight to the toes. If you take time to watch professional golfers play golf, you will observe that they direct their weight to their toes.

Playing golf like a pro is possible only if you perfect your putting. To perfect your putting, keep on practicing on a variety of golf courses and in different conditions.

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