Your Guide To Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Cosmetic contact lenses also known as decorative contact lenses or costume contact lenses are a fashion accessory that can change the look of your eyes rather than correct your vision. Wearing these types of contact lenses can change the color of your eyes or pupil shape to give you a cartoon or film character effect. Common examples are cat eyes, big eye look circle lenses, colored lenses, blackout contact, zombie eye contact, and black sclera contact lenses. Costume contact lenses are a fun way to spruce of your Halloween costume or change the shape and color of your eyes. However, since these types of contact lenses are medical devices, they require care and commitment to proper wear by the user.

Factors to consider before buying cosmetic contact lenses

1: Always get a valid prescription

Wearing any type of contact lenses before consulting your ophthalmologist can cause damage to your eyes. There is no “one size fit all” type of contact lenses. It is therefore important that you visit your optometrist and have your eye examined to get the correct measurements for the lenses. Ensure that you send your prescription to the seller before buying your lenses.

2: Avoid buying over the counter contact lenses

Be wary of online retailers who buy or sell contact lenses without proper authorization or without a doctor’s prescription. It is highly recommended that you only buy from sellers who require your prescription and who sell FDA approved contact lenses. Buying lenses from dealers who are not regulated by the FDA can often get lenses that are not clean, incorrectly packaged and are also not the right shape or size of your eye.

3: Choose the right colored contacts

Colored contact lenses help transform or enhance the natural look of the iris. It is always important to choose the right colored contacts for you. Choose tinted contact lenses if you want a subtle change or opt for opaque contact lenses that can even change dark brown eyes to blue if you want a radical change.

Wearing costume contact lenses can help change the way you look– from a fairy princess to a vampire and everything in between. So whether you want to show your support to your favorite team or look like one of your favorite TV or movie artists, wearing decorative special- effect contact lenses can help you achieve the overall look. However, since wearing contact lenses is a little risky, it is highly recommended that you should not only get a prescription and buy contact lenses from a legal source, but also follow the contact lens care instructions religiously to keep your eyes healthy an

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