Why You Should Consider Including Stainless Steel In Your Coffee Cups Collection

When scouting for the best coffee cup for sipping your favorite brew at home, one of the most important elements to consider is the material that the tumbler is made from. The material that you choose will have an impact on the flavor of your coffee. The most common coffee cup materials are plastic, glass, ceramic, and metal. While plastic, ceramic, and glass are common in most household, few people aren’t very certain about the benefits that they can derive from metal coffee cups. In connection to this, here are some of the top benefits that you stand to gain when you decide to include stainless steel in your coffee cups collection:

1. Easy to clean and maintain

Unlike glass and plastic, stainless steel coffee cups are considerably easy to clean. They are also resistant to rust and stains, and do not require careful handling. You can easily wash stainless steel cups by hand or by throwing them in a dishwasher.

2. Antibacterial and hygienic properties

Stainless steel is widely used in the food and beverage industries due to their antibacterial and hygienic properties. They don’t leak, and therefore do not need linings or interior coatings that can eventually disintegrate. What’s more, they are non-reactive to acids, which means that your coffee will always taste fresh without funny smells or flavor.

3. Environmental Friendly

A bigger percentage of plastic coffee cups end up in landfills annually. On the contrary, stainless steel cups can be recycled and reused for years. In fact, they can be recycled post their useful life spans without degradation.

4. They are Durable

Stainless steel cups are quite indestructible. They have lifelong properties that seldom diminish with repeated use. Essentially, they have superior strength to weight ratio than plastic and glass cups. This is one of the reasons why they are the best choice of coffee cups in large events and venues. Plastic coffee cups can crack and disintegrate due to washing or overuse, and ceramic glasses may have synthetic interiors that can decay with time. Plastics cannot also hold hot liquids. Put simply, when it comes to longevity, stainless steel coffee cups beat all other materials.


The type of cup you choose for your brew may not change its taste dramatically but may improve certain areas or aspects. For instance, it will definitely boost your drinking experience as well as the perceived delight from your coffee. If you are confused about the specific benefits that you stand to benefits from other coffee cup materials, leverage on plastic, ceramic or glass coffee cups online reviews for a quick glimpse of what to expect from respective coffee cup options.

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