Why You Should Be Wearing Creeper Platform Shoes

For those looking for a little something in their show, creeper platform shoes may be the perfect show. Comfortable, casual, and more than a little sneaky, creepers are a great shoe for those looking for a shoe that will always look good with minimal effort. The shoes require little maintenance and their relatively displays just how solid the design is; the shoes go all the way back to the Second World War. While not a formal shoe, creepers are great when you are looking for something that combines casual and classy in a single shoe.

A Little History

While there are some debates as to the origin of the name of the shoe, a good part of that comes from its solid crepe base. Originally popular in World War II, the shoes were a favorite of soldiers looking for a night away from the base and out of their combat boots; the shoes were an ideal dance shoe, able to be a comfortable fit for the entire evening. They maintained that popularity through the 1950s, where they were seen as the shoes of rebels. While they fell in and out of fashion, they are fashionable again thanks to prominent artists wearing them in videos and on stage and still maintain their rebel status.

As Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are designed to give the creeper an extra inch or two. This is great for someone looking for a little extra height, either to be a little more intimidating or to overcome a height disadvantage. Because of the way that the shoes are designed, that little extra height is hard to detect; unlike some kinds of platform shoes, the extra height is hidden a little bit better. For those looking to add a little extra height and to keep it relatively hidden, these shoes can offer a bit for those worried about making it too obvious.

Creeper platform shoes actually have a long history; sold as “double soled”, they have been part of the line almost since the beginning, making shorter soldiers a little taller. The shoes a little more stable than other platform shoes, and are extremely comfortable for long-term use. As they can be worn to all but the most formal occasions, they are also a great shoe for someone looking for a solid multi-purpose shoe with a little attitude. Overall, the solid design and great look make them a great shoe in any situation.

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