Why You Need A Self Hosted Blog

If you are thinking of setting up a blog, you have two viable options. You could opt for a free blog or you go for the self-hosted blog. As the name implies, the free blog does not cost you anything. This is because the domain name is not yours. You affiliate your blog to a reputable platform and this platform gives you blog pages on their main site. On the other hand, self-hosted blog solutions refers to a situation where you pay for your own domain name. In this case the blog resides on your main server and you can host it yourself if you have the expertise. In most cases, the expression self-hosted blog is not 100% accurate. This is because you can pay a third party to host a blog on your behalf. In this case, the hosting firm rents out digital storage space to you and you pay for the service. Below are some benefits of the self-hosted blog.

Total Control

With a self-hosted blog, you enjoy total control over your blog. This means you impose our own artistic ethos on the design and customize it to suit your style. In addition, this option gives you the freedom to monetize the site and earn advertising revenue from online customers.

Access to Extra Services

With your self-hosted blog, you have access to extra services like a custom email, and the freedom to install custom themes to brand the blog. In addition, this option gives access to your back end files so you can always make code changes anytime you like.

Low Cost

Contrary to what some people think, your self-hosted blog does not involve a lot of initial cost. You just spend some cash to buy the domain name then you pay a little money per month to the hosting company. The hosting fee will be even lower if you pay quarterly or annually.

Clean and Professional Look

The self-hosted blog gives you a clean and professional look with many smart features. This is the ideal option for company blogs. Again, serious bloggers who want to earn a full-time income from blogging always take the self-hosted option because it has many benefits.

Cons of the Self-Hosted Blog

The only disadvantage of this option is that many beginners find it intimidating. However, this is a minor inconvenience when you consider all the benefits you get from the self-hosted blog.

Final Word

The self-hosted blog solutions is the way to go. It has many advantages and very few disadvantages. Take this option and your blog will grow in no time.

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