Why We Love The Waffle House Menu

Most people have a favorite order they like to place when they are visiting a Waffle House. They enjoy the anticipation of waiting for their food to arrive because the flavors are known and relished. The Waffle House Menu offers a breakfast favorites, and a lunch and dinner favorites menu. Even though you may have a set order for the server, it is a good idea to actually see the menu. And this is because it has many delicious secrets for you to discover.

Let Us Start with Breakfast

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. After all, you are offering the body food and nutrition to get it started for the day. The breakfast menu at Waffle House is nothing short of remarkable. It has some special to offer all its patrons, young and the young at heart. The interesting thing about this menu is that not only does it offer details about each dish listed on it, and the accompanying price, but also the calorie intake. This allows you to make wise and informed choices.

If you have a large appetite you may like to opt for the All Star breakfast, which comes complete with waffle, eggs, grits and toast. You can choose from a serving of bacon, ham or sausage. You also have the option of ordering an omelet that is made to your preference. The steaks and eggs may interest you, as would the sandwiches and Texas melts. Of course a breakfast at Waffle House would be incomplete without your order of waffles.

The value dollar menu is truly value for money, and may be just what you would like. Most people do not know about the wide range of hash brown preparations at a Waffle House. There are as many as eight versions of hash browns, and even an option of trying them all. All meals can be enjoyed with a cool or hot beverage of your choice.

Of Lunch and Dinner

For lunch or dinner you can choose from Angus burgers steaks, Texas melts, sandwiches and much more. You can opt for one of the several burgers that are listed on the menu, or you could opt to build your own. The Cheesesteak Melt Hashbrown Bowl is a crowd pleaser and is topped with grilled onions. If it is Chili you want, Waffle House offers you Bert’s Chili served the regular way, or you could customize it to your taste.

Kids’ meals at Waffle House are perfect for small appetites and are served with a beverage. Adults can choose from a wide range of hot and cold beverages to go with your meal. And these include ice tea, cold milk, hot chocolate and tea. A meal at Waffle House Menu is incomplete without a serving of Aunt Maggie’s Pie. You can choose from triple chocolate or southern pecan. Whichever you choose, will help end the meal at a sweet and high note.

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