Why We Love Rick And Morty Shirts

With its quirky humor and its philosophical roots, it is no wonder that “Rick and Morty” has become the hit that it is. The show is just enough of an oddball cartoon that it has become popular with the internet crowd, with memes, animated gifs, and even running jokes based on its characters and quotes all over social media. While it may not be one of the most well-known cartoons, it does nonetheless have a cult following, and that cult seems to only be growing, especially with all of its weirdness. With it currently riding the wave of internet popularity, it is hardly a surprise that Rick and Morty shirts are so popular.

The Characters

Part of what makes the show so popular is its characters, especially some of the variants of those characters; even the secondary characters have their own cachet. Rick Sanchez is definitely the most popular, with his characteristic smarmy nihilism and smarter-than-everyone-else arrogance. Rick quotes are everywhere, and “Pickle Rick” is arguably one of the best-known variants, due in part no doubt to the bloodiness and ruthlessness of his debut. Morty is also a popular character, as he has a weird mix of naivete and cynicism; strangely, that mix is something that anyone who was a teenager can relate to.

The Situations

Having concluded its fourth season, the cartoon has covered a wide variety of different situations and those situations have defined the cartoon. Rick’s relationships have defined the show, ranging from his family to his friends, and especially his enemies. In his universe Rick seems to be a character that no one is really sure what to think about him, as even those who want him dead have a general respect for him. As we find out more about Rick, as his life is a roving counseling session, we see that he’s not as simple as he looks and that helps us sympathize with the character. Combined with his mix of nihilism and necessity to fight fate, he makes for a character we can all understand.

Ultimately, the reasons that Rick and Morty shirts are selling is that the characters are such a part of us. We know the characters as they are us, even if it is that part of us that is a little snarky. With a cast of characters that matches their personalities and allows us further insight into their worldview, it is likely that the show will last a long time to come, and we will continue to see some great shirts from the show as we discover all sorts of new weirdness.

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