Why Should You Buy White Huarache Sandals?

Huarache sandals are braided leather beauties that originated in the pre- Columbian era of Mexico’s history. A kind of biblical and retro style footwear, these Mexican sandals are a perfect choice of footwear for summers. Made with leather, these flats- heeled, open toe sandals are made of woven rubber or leather straps and can have either rubber or leather soles. Lightweight and breathable, huaraches offer a bit more comfort than slingback sandals and a bit more structure than flip slops. So, if you are planning to buy the best women sandals for summer, know why you must have the white huarache sandals in your wardrobe.

1: Versatile

Huaraches are a perfect choice for running, walking and hiking and can be a wonderful companion for your casual dresses, skirts, and shorts. The strappy sandals can go with any type of outfit, from boho-inspired peasant blouses and cargo shorts to printed t-shirts or long maxi skirt. Wearing these white strappy sandals can help elevate the outfit instead of just blending in. They can be worn with a black outfit for a fun pop or combined with earthy tone outfits for an unexpected pairing. For a more casual look during summertime, styling the white sandals with denim pants would be a great idea.

2: Keep Feet Healthy

Summer footwear should always be comfortable and fun- just like the season itself. While wearing closed shoes can make your feet feel uncomfortable during the hot season, wearing these strappy sandals will not only prevent your toes from cramping inside but will also allow your feet to breathe and keep your body temperature cool as well. Conditions such as athlete’s foot and ingrown nails usually caused when the foot is kept in a tight, damp environment are reduced. As a result, your foot stays happy, healthy and comfortable at all times.

3: Easy Slip-on Sandals

Summer activities such as going to the pool or beach often require one to wear shoes that can be worn and removed easily. Huarache sandals can easily slip on and off your feet quickly and allow you to enjoy your summer activities. The easy accessibility of the sandals also makes them a great option to be worn when rushing out of the door to do odd jobs.

Wearing white huarache sandals is one of the best ways to look stylish and trendy and keep your feet comfortable and healthy during summers.

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