Why Get An Android TV Box?

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to home entertainment. Aside from the regular TV channels, we can expand our selection by subscribing to a cable provider. We can also purchase optical media for movies and TV series. In a pinch, we can always watch videos on our computers. There is one other option that is rapidly increasing in popularity: the Android TV box.

Video Streaming

This device allows us to turn any television into a smart TV. It is basically a small computer that uses the big screen as its monitor. Install streaming apps like YouTube, KODI, and NetFlix. Watch videos to your heart’s content. Share your favorites with the rest of the family in the living room. Invite your friends over during the weekends. Some of the videos require a paid subscription for access, but many are available for free. You can also watch livestreams of sporting events, musical festivals, news programs, and other quality content from around the world.

Big Screen Games

It is also possible to install Android games. The things that you enjoy on your phone can get blown up to gigantic proportions. Imagine racing on the big screen with 3D graphics and loud sound. It is certainly more immersive than what you experience on tiny phone. Since it is in full view of your companions, they can cheer you on as you make your way across the finish line. Just make sure that you have a suitable keyboard for controls. Most Android apps can be installed as well.

Cheaper Than Cable

If you think about it, this solution provides you with so much more content than what you get through your cable subscription. You get all of that at a lower price, too. You don’t even have to pay anything if you stick with the free livestreams and user-uploaded videos. Sure, you will have to shell out money for the device, but it is not all that expensive. Prices keep going down while the features keep improving.

Light and Portable

This compact device can fit into a bag quite easily. You won’t even feel that it’s there. Take it with you when you are out for a vacation and turn your hotel room’s TV into an entertainment hub in an instant. Any place will feel like home as long as you have this. Check out the various models that are in the market and get yours now.

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