Why Do The Costs Of A Tree Planting Vary?

The fact that you are wondering about why the costs of a tree planting vary is a heartening one. You have decided that it is important to plant trees and invest in the survival of human life on this planet. Most of us would like to plant trees but do not have the land to do it on. And this is where companies that plant trees come in. They identify parts of the country and the world where one can plant trees by the hundreds, and thousands, in a sustainable manner.

Factors that Determine the Costs of a Tree


Several factors affect the cost of planting a tree. The most important of these is the location where the tree will be planted. It is cheaper to plant trees in some countries than in others. It is more affordable to plant in infertile land than in tracts that are fertile. Bureaucratic issues also play a key role in the cost of planting a tree.

Simple factors such as the need for irrigation will also influence the cost of planting a tree. If the trees are planted in an area where the groundwater is adequate or there is another natural source of water nearby, it is cheaper to plant in such a location.

Growing Seedlings

Planting seedlings is impractical and this is why most companies set up nurseries close to where the trees will be finally planted. The seedlings are carefully selected and are nurtured to ensure viability. When they are strong enough they are transplanted to the location for planting. This greatly improves the plants chances of survival.
Usually, the tree company will watch over the growing trees for about three years. If a plant dies, it will be replaced by another. Setting up nurseries creates employment opportunities and also encourages the local community to take responsibility for the trees in their area.


Growing saplings from seeds and nurturing them is a rewarding process. It is also labor intensive. Tree costs are also affected by the cost of labor in the region and country. For instance, cost of planting trees in Europe is more expensive than planting in Asia or Africa. Similarly, planting in urban areas is costlier than planting in the countryside.

Companies that grow trees do not depend on volunteers but employ a full time team. They strive to offer their employees a more than fair livelihood. They hope that this will encourage more people to consider this trade that focuses on sustainability and the environment.

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