What You Need To Know About Your Options In Permanent Hair Removal

While many people are searching for ways to get thicker, healthier hair, large numbers of consumers are also seeking strategies for totally eliminating hairs in unwanted areas. Whether you have excess hair on your upper lip, in your bikini zone, at your back, or across your chest, laser hair treatments can help you get the smooth and gorgeous look that you’ve always wanted. Before you start pursuing options in permanent hair removal, however, there are a few key things that you need to know.

Permanent Vs. Semi-Permanent Results

Permanent hair removal are designed to provide semi-permanent to permanent results. Thus, although you are very likely to get permanent results, these are not guaranteed. What is assured, however, is that you’ll obtain a very long-lasting reduction in hair across the targeted area. This remains true whether you are having your bikini zone, neck, back, arms, face, legs, or buttocks treated.

Multiple Treatments Are Required

It is additionally important to note that nearly all patients require several treatments. These procedures must be schedule several weeks apart in order to give the local skin and hair follicles ample time to recover from each session. During your consultation appointment, your provider will assess your unwanted hair and will then determine how many treatments you will need, and how far apart each of your visits must be spaced. One of the overarching goals of this process is to help people reach their aesthetic goals without causing any unnecessary harm to the surrounding skin and soft tissues.

You Can Expect A Quick And Comfortable Treatment Experience

During these procedures, each of the hair follicles in the targeted areas will be addressed with quick pulses of laser light. These pulses will break down the hair follicle and gradually render it incapable of producing new hairs. After your first visit, you will find that all new growth across the targeted area is both lighter and finer. After several visits, you will hardly experience any new growth of unwanted hair at all. For many patients, a sufficient number of visits and treatments will leave the zone perfectly smooth and hair-free for all time.

This is far better than using painful waxing or sugaring treatments that are known to slowly break the skin down. The effects of these more aggressive forms of hair removal last just two weeks at best. Shaving can be costly and it can also entail nicks, cuts, and abrasions. With laser services, however, you can protect your skin, limit your spending on removal products, and grow your confidence.

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