What You Need To Know About Forklift Training

Australia has strict standards when it comes to occupational safety. Workers are not permitted to operate high-risk machines unless they have proven their competence. Those who wish to apply as forklift operators must undergo the appropriate training at an accredited school. After completing the course, they must obtain a certificate as proof of their aptitude on the subject. They can use this certificate to apply for a license which employers will look for when they go job-hunting. These are all mandated by the National Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

The Requirements

The good news for interested parties is that it doesn’t take much to grab this opportunity. Anyone with a high school diploma can be accepted at training school. The standard course runs for only two days and most institutions offer convenient schedules. There’s also a refresher course for people who might have been away for while which can be completed in one day. Adults can try to find time after work or during the weekend to take the classes. Cost is reasonable with the full course being slightly above $400. Once completed, the income received will quickly make up for the expenses.

The Training Program

Students will get to learn everything they need to know to do their job well. These include both theoretical lessons and practical training. Instructors will teach them how to plan their job for optimum efficiency. There will also be subjects on pre and post-operational checks as safety precautions. Students will become proficient at hazard analysis and management. Once on the field, they will master the art of driving a heavy forklift especially around tight spaces. They’ll do so while trying to load and unload packages from delivery trucks. They will stack and de-stack products inside a warehouse.

Other Items of Note

Forklift training is open to individuals from age 18 and up. The medium of instruction is English so applicants must be adept at using the language. This is particularly important when taking the license exam since the written part will be conducted in English. The practical assessment will also be directed in English. Migrants who have not yet achieved a good command of the language should try to improve their skills before making the attempt. Interested parties must also be of good physical health with no impairments that could hinder their performance or compromise safety while driving a forklift.

The application for a license should be passed no later than 60 days after the completion of the forklift training course. Pay the Department of Commerce (WorkSafe) right away for fast processing.

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