What To Expect When Hiring The Services Of An Office Furniture Liquidator In Atlanta

Are you considering getting rid of your office furniture? Whether upgrading your office, relocating or downsizing your company, you certainly wish to put away your old furniture as easily and fast as possible. To make the process much effortless, office furniture liquidators Atlanta come into play. They are experienced in the various ways to get rid of old office furniture, whether by selling, recycling or donating the items. What should you expect when a hiring furniture liquidator? Let’s take a look.

Booking an Appointment

When booking for an appointment, your preferred liquidation company will request you to fill an appointment form on their website. However, prior to deciding on the company, it’s inevitable to establish the reputation of the company. Will they help you dispose of your office furniture efficiently? Consider, hiring an experienced liquidator with a good reputation. Sift through reviews from their previous customers. You will get to know how they’ve handled other customer’s needs in the past. Moreover, ensure that you fill the correct and truthful details about your needs.


Upon booking, the liquidator will schedule an appointment date on which they will visit your office to evaluate your furniture. However, several companies make the mistake of selectively selling their existing furniture in a bid to fetch better prices. Consequently, they earn a loss of value and are left with less desirable furniture items. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to allow the liquidator to take inventory of all furniture pieces in your office. This will help your company maximize final returns from the sale of the items.


Through evaluation, the liquidator determines whether the items are viable for sale or not. In case your furniture items are marketable, the company agents will estimate the value of the pieces. Subsequently, the liquidator will promote your furniture items and inform you when they receive bids from end-users, furniture dealers, or brokers. The company will allow you to select your preferred buyer and work with both parties to finalize the sale and removal of the furniture. Instead, some liquidators will purchase the items directly from you.

However, the liquidator may find your furniture unmarketable. Accordingly, they will provide you with the best alternatives to get rid of the items. A favorite option is to decommission the furniture whereby it’s broken down into pieces that can be recycled or reused. The company gives an estimate and recommends an appropriate decommissioning partner to break down the furniture. Moreover, the liquidator may opt for a donation if they can’t find a market for your office furniture.


Office furniture liquidators Atlanta firms have proven to be vital for a company planning to dispose of its office furniture due to downsizing, upgrading or relocation. They will evaluate your office items to determine whether they can find a market. Consequently, they decide the appropriate way to get rid of the items, whether for sale, donation, recycling or reusing.


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