What Makes The ESP Flying V Guitar Stand Out?

Guitars are usually seen as the epitome of quality music. Without the instruments, it’s likely that the music you play will not meet the expectation of your fans. However, not all guitars give the same results. You are bound to experience differences in tone and playability when using different guitars. The ESP Flying V-shaped guitar is one instrument that is highly rated in regard to the two features (tone and playability).

The instrument is playable and gives you the perfect tone. If you ask any serious guitarist about what matters most in their instrument, you’ll be told good tone and an easy-to-play instrument. Usually, the tone is defined by the pickups, body type, and tonewoods. On the other hand, playability is determined by the string spacing and fretboard radius. With respect to the two features, no instrument beats the ESP Flying V guitar. Put simply, you’ll have fun playing this instrument.

Is there Any Other Outstanding Feature of the Guitar?

The Flying V guitar is uniquely designed to offer you an aesthetic experience each time you play it. The guitar cannot be mistaken for another. It’s characterized by an arrow headstock that assumes a V shape. The headstock also looks like wings, and thus the name Flying V guitar. The instrument is made from quality body materials and strings, and they all contribute to its attractive nature. In terms of weight, the instrument weighs less, and thus easy to carry when on stage or when traveling. The crafting of the ESP flying guitar is artistically done, and you will always look stylish whenever you play this guitar.

If you are looking to hype your audience and plant a lasting impression on them, this is the guitar to get. You can hop onto the stage in style with the guitar around you. Even though the instrument may come slightly expensive, the many advantages that are associated with it outweigh the costs. You not only get to play good music but you also get value for your money. Considering that the instrument is keenly crafted with top quality materials, you can trust the guitar to offer you long-term service. This is pure justice to you considering the money spent on the instrument.


Good music is all about two things: the artist’s experience and the quality of instrument played. As a good musician, you deserve to use the finest instrument. The ESP Flying V Guitar is an incredible music accessory that you should have. Adding this instrument to your collection gives you an upper hand in conquering your fans.

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