Wedding Photographer Melbourne Museum

Wedding Photographer Melbourne Museum strives to help you create high-quality images. We build a lasting relationship with each new client. It is important that your wedding venue provide the perfect setting that meets the style of photos you are looking for. It is easier to adapt the imagery according to your specific requirements. On your first appointment, we will show you all the available services and conduct a wedding photo presentation.

If you have already seen our portfolio, all you have to do is contact us and schedule an appointment to plan the session. The day of the session is scheduled during or after your planning appointment. In this way, we prepare for the big day properly and decide on the types of lenses and accessories needed to recreate quality images.

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with the hair stylist at least three weeks before your big day, especially if you are planning a change of style. You need to feel comfortable with your new look. We have noticed that loose hair is better appreciated than tied.

We are experts in minimizing the reflection of eyewear for events that take place inside a building. If you wear spectacles outdoors, there is usually reflection, which requires a more complex and lengthy retouching. This increases the delivery time of your photos. If you feel incomplete without your eyewear, you may consider telling your optometrist to give you a couple of frames that do not have lenses.

As a rule, monochromatic photography (black and white) is very different from colour photography. With colour photography, we recommend using natural day makeup. For black and white photography, everything will be in grey or brown shades, so we recommend you put makeup as if you were going out at night; a little heavier than your normal daytime makeup.

If time permits, we will present you all the photos in one of our editing stations following the photo session. This is always a fun and exciting process and our photographer will help you make the best decision. The selection process entails narrowing down your final set of images and their print sizes to start the editing process.

We take plenty images that will become part of the selected collection. In addition to delivering the order of impressions that include the requested collection, we will also deliver the final photos in digital format based on medium resolution but large enough to share on social networks.

Our prices are based on several factors, including providing an excellent environment with highly qualified and friendly staff. This provides a one-of-a-kind experience.

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