Ways Of Solving Sleep Regression In Toddlers.

24 months sleep regression occurs when a baby suddenly changes sleeping patterns by either waking up early in the morning, night wakes, or having trouble sleeping during bedtime. It can be caused by factors such as;

When there is a newborn.

This is because the toddler now sees the new baby is getting all the attention they were getting and they start feeling disconnected from the mother.

This problem can be solved by playing a role reverse game. This is where the mother or caregiver pretends to be the toddler by getting in and out of bed and then the toddler tells you to sleep. It really helps and eases tension thus aiding to get a healthy sleep pattern.

Separation anxiety

Anxiety may beed when the toddler say they are afraid to sleep in their own room alone. This can be solved by first acknowledging the problem and also knowing the underlying reason why they are anxious about sleeping alone. The other way is by solving the problem by telling them that you will back to check on them or may they can sleep with a doll.


This occurs when the toddler has been moved to a big bed which happens when most babies are two or three years. This may lead to a change in the sleeping patterns because they find the new bed unfamiliar or they may take the advantage of always moving out of bed.
The other transition that contributes to sleep regression is potty training whereby most parents train their babies around the age of twenty-four months. Most toddlers may wake up at night and wanting to use the potty because most of them might refuse to be on diapers at night. When a baby starts attending daycare or preschool, their sleep pattern can also be affected.

Sleep regression is caused by when toddlers refuse to take an afternoon nap. This can be caused because they have become more independent and aware of themselves for example if they don’t want to sleep they are going to say it.

24 months sleep regression can be as a result of inappropriate wake time
This may include waking up too early because they are not tired enough and making them stay up for long hours is the best solution because they will sleep for long hours at night

Sleep regression in toddlers can last between two to six weeks but in some cases, it may last between three to four months. Another solution for sleep regression is tightening the bedtime rules and adhering to them.

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