Wall Mounted Workstations: Essential To Healthcare?

Are you trying to decide between Wall Mounted Workstations for Healthcare or mobile carts for your healthcare station?
All hospitals are high-risk areas due to sick patients, medical equipment, and medical staff rushing around to provide medical care. In this cramped situation, having flimsy furniture can prove to be a health hazard. To reduce injuries, most hospitals design their hospital wards with patient footfall and equipment storage in mind. As a result, most equipment is wall-mounted so that it can be easily accessed when required. This is particularly true in the case of computers for medical record updating and access. However, mobile stations that are equipped with computers, medications, and other accessories are also a must-have in all hospital settings. Here is a little more information that will help you make an informed decision.

Wall-mounted medical computer stations and workstations — Over the last few years, medical record-keeping has become an essential part of treatment and patient management. Centrally located computers make it easy to update patient information, record emergencies, request medications, and complete charting immediately. This leads to a considerable reduction in physician-related errors. It can also improve physician workflow. However, patients often complain of physicians looking at Wall Mounted Workstations for Healthcare or computers more than interacting with them. To reduce this complaint, modern wall mounted workstations are designed to swivel and shift easily without hampering the patient-physician interaction. The stations are visible to the patient and the physician making it easier for them to understand the care being provided.

Mobile workstations — Handy swiveling pushcarts are the next-best option. These carts contain fitted computers, medication supplies, paper records, and other essentials. These carts can be fitted with almost any medical equipment according to requirements. They are easy to move, can be cleaned and maintained quickly and assembly is very easy. This may sound pretty attractive but consider the fact that hospitals and emergency rooms are packed with patients and physicians all through the day. Moving the cart around, stashing it in the right place, and refilling the cart can be a constant issue. However, compared to wall-mounted stations, mobile stations are cheaper and available in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors.
We hope these few tips have helped you make an informed decision. Choose equipment that creates a high-performance environment that does not impair treatment or communication. For more information, please do write in to us and we will be glad to help out.

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